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Introduction to Lahore Sacks

Multi-Wall Paper Sacks or shipping sacks are used as shipping containers for bulk materials such as fertilizer, animal feed, sand, dry chemicals, flour and cement. Many have several layers of sack papers, printed external layer and inner plies. Some paper sacks have a plastic film, foil, or polyethylene coated paper layer in between as a water-repellant, insect resistant, or rodent barrier.
There are two basic designs of bags: open mouth bags and valve bags. An open mouth bag is a tube of paper plies with the bottom end sealed. The bag is filled though the open mouth and then closed by stitching, adhesive, or tape. Valve sacks have both ends closed and are filled through a valve. A typical example of a valve bag is the cement sack Lahore sacks is specialised in making such bags with international quality standards in Pakistan.


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Lahore sacks brings the most durable and fine quality woven bags to the market.We can print your brand name and logo on our bags specific to your customers attraction.

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    Excellent Printability, multiple finishes and supreme feel give the bags an enviable look

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    Product appearance on the shelf much more desirable and attractive for the consumer to chooss. This packaging material can multiply your sales manifold.

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